Nordic Walking service for Tourist Agencies and Hotel Facilities

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Tourism and Nordic Walking!

A specially designed service for hotels and travel agencies who want to retain customers with professional service and in line with the demands of the tourism market .

" All inclusive " service

The instructors of Nordic Walking in the Official School of Nordic Walking A.N.W.I.- San Marino are graduates I.S.E.F. or graduates in Sports Science at the competence and reliability guarantee.

" All inclusive " service include:

•  Hire professional sticks

•  Study the most suitable route based on the location of the hotel

•  Advice on the type of Nordic Walking best suited to its customers service

•  Instructors Nordic Walking professionals with personal insurance coverage

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Tourism e Nordic Walking

More and more travel agencies and hotels are moving in packages and offers "ad hoc " taking advantage of Nordic Walking as an attractive element for new customers and ensure a pleasant service , innovative and fun .

Rimini beach is a perfect place for this offer , especially in the winter months , making it more enjoyable and " attractive " the idea of a holiday in the off season, where low temperatures add emotions to the " physical work " and guarantee the maximum pleasure of this new physical activity .

The mental freedom that gives winter walk with sticks is a pleasure that everyone should try at least once.

The feeling of being " light " and lulled by the sound of the waves combined with the feeling of wellbeing that you try doing an activity of medium intensity exercise makes Nordic Walking the perfect activity to stay healthy now and feeling better and better.

The " best memory "

Walking is an enjoyable activity for anyone and you can also use your arms , through the use of poles , makes the complete business doing work your entire body . There is no doubt that the Nordic Walking and more appreciated quality is given to the feeling of well-being for the outdoor activities right intensity : it too intense , that is, without being too tired at the end of training and " small pains " muscular , neither too light , giving us the idea of not doing " enough " effort.

The advantage of Nordic Walking is that it makes it hard to do without feeling fatigue . This allows us to focus on nature, the wind , the waves , the sun , amplifying the physical and mental well-being derived from physical activity .

Each qualified instructor knows how pleasant it is to walk with poles and is a common experience among instructors see that in 99% of those who try to walk with poles will not leave them more !

Tours and group training to make their stay unforgettable in the structure

Physical activity is a powerful emotion and "pleasure " , the sea and nature enhance this medium . The Nordic Walking instructor belonging to the Official School of Nordic Walking ANWI- San Marino will enter breathing exercises and muscle relaxation , toning and stretching in order to make " unique " experience of the Nordic Walking in groups , taking care of each person and optimizing the seat so it's really suitable for everyone .

pleasurable activity leaves a pleasant memory . And the desire to try again the same emotions . The exercise of the right intensity frees in mind and live pleasant emotions in an already beautiful and " dense moment" of emotions as a nice vacation in a great hotel .

You have a hotel or travel agency and would like to offer Nordic Walking only for your customers ? Entrusted to a Nordic walking instructor of the school A.N.W.I. - San Marino who will organize the service that best suits your needs.

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